• Lt(N) John Hunter, CD

VANGEN 012/20 - Christmas Break

There will be no routine orders issued for weeks 51 and 52 of 2020. All training is suspended during the break.

A few small reminders for over the break:

- If any Cadets are performing volunteer activity, we have a method of logging the information now that does not require physically presenting information at the ship's office. Please use the following link:

- Cadet Fitness Assessment Results Recording:

- Badge Request Form:

- Uniform Request Form:

- If you haven't completed the Covid-19 awareness course, follow the following link and e-mail when completed:

- A new session for Basic Amateur Radio is opening up on January 14 and ending in March. Classes are Sunday afternoons and Thursdays evenings. Those interesting in applying, send an e-mail to

- Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers are now welcome to join the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services CFOne Program. This replaces 'military discounts' at many places. A special 'digital tolken' is required to sign up. E-mail to get the image, and upload it during the sign-up process at to become a member.

- Try to get about 1 hour of physical fitness a day. Send in your tracking sheet to for completion of Performance Objective X04 in Physical Fitness.

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