• Lt(N) John Hunter, CD

VANGEN 22-016 Sea Cadet Scholarships

The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Education Foundation are offering Scholarships with applications due on 1 August. The full list of eligible Cadets are:

  • Have participated in the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet program for a minimum of 24 months and

  • Be applying for post secondary education at a university or community college course leading to a degree or diploma or a post secondary training program that will lead to certification in a recognized profession.

  • Aging Out - A cadet who is in the training program is eligible to apply in June of that training year. (Example; a Cadet Who ages out in November may apply in June Of the following year.)

  • Not Aging Out - A Cadet who does not age out and remains active in the program while attending the first year of post secondary education may apply for program scholarship for the second year of the program.

  • Gap Year - Cadets who decide to take a break of not more than 24 months between completing high school and starting a post secondary education program may apply for a scholarship in the year that they are going to recommence their formal education.

More information is available at

And there is a link to the application process at

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