• Lt(N) John Hunter, CD

VANGEN 22-017 - 21 June 2022 - Stores and Administration Night and Summer Leave

In place of a regular training session on 21 June 2021, the Staff of RCSCC Vanguard will be required for completion of Administration and for counting in Stores and general cleaning/rearrangement. Cadets in Phase I to Phase IV do not need to attend. No uniform will be required; comfortable civilian clothing is encouraged. Phase V Cadets and any members from lower Phases that attend will be tasked with clearing out and stocking supply.

The regular training for the year is completed. Leave is granted to all members of the Ships Company until 6 September 2022, however further announcements will be made through VANGENs here until the resumption of weekly training of any opportunities to the Ships Company, including Optional training, which we will be attempting to set up at the Boathouse at Ashbridges Bay.

If we don't see you until September, have a lovely summer. Although, hopefully, we will have some activities planned and we'll see you before then.


J. K. Hunter, CD


CO RCSCC Vanguard

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