• Lt(N) John Hunter, CD

VANGEN 22-022 - Workups

With the training year about to start, Cadets are encouraged to perform 'workups' to prepare for the training year.

  1. All Staff Cadet Positions are up for consideration. Anyone that wishes to be considered for one or more of the positions are to e-mail for application. The positions are as follows:

  2. Coxswain - Nominally in charge of the Cadets and part of the 'Command Team' with the Captain. Responsible for operation of the Corps.

  3. Boatswain - In charge of Ceremonial, including the flags, bells and pipes during Colours/Sunset and ensuring adherence to HMC Ships Manual of Ceremony.

  4. Gunnery Instructor - In charge of proper drill during Divisions/Evening Quarters.

  5. Heads of Departments

  6. Ships Writer (Administration) - Responsible for Attendance, and distribution of forms for Annual Validation, and other forms.

  7. Storesman - Responsible for sizing, issuing kit, returning kit, and management of training aides, stores counts and cleanliness of the storeroom.

  8. Regulating Petty Officer (or Chief Petty Officer) - Responsible for mustering Cadets for Divisions/Evening Quarters, security at the brow, rounds and setting a duty watch.

  9. Training Petty Officer (or Chief Petty Officer) - Scheduling instructors and assigning class spaces for the training plan.

  10. Drum Major - Also a DPO of "Glorious" Division, the band. Will be required to perform DPO duties as well as assist the Music Officer with piece selections, instruct, and conduct as required.

  11. Divisional Petty Officers (or Supervisor if under the rank of PO) - Assist in collection of attendance. Receive and report instances of excused absences. Track and assist in the issuance of uniform. Improve upon drill, dress and deportment of Cadets in their division.

  12. Many Cadets did not complete their phase by not completing a 'Fitness Tracking Sheet,' or completed a phase but did not get promoted due to not completing a 'Cadet Fitness Assessment.' It is not too late to start now and get credit for one or the other when we start the new training year. A reminder that "in person" fitness will likely include the 20m shuttle run, which is not currently required.

  13. Although any method of tracking fitness is accepted by e-mailing to, an example fitness tracking sheet is located here:

  14. For those looking to complete the Cadet Fitness Assessment:

  15. Instructions are located here:

  16. Results can be recorded here:

  17. All Cadets are to have access to Cadet365 and complete the Cyber Awareness Course. Instructions to 'onboard' to Cadet365 have been sent to all e-mail addresses we had on record. If you can not find the e-mail, or you do not have an e-mail on file, send a message to to get sent your login/password. After signing up, the Cyber Awareness Course can be accessed at with your Cadet365 credentials.

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