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VANGEN 23-052 High-School Co-Op Credits for Cadets

All Cadets in High School:

Co-Op Credits are available for Cadets again this year. Please see attached Fact Sheet and Form. Some important notes:

  • Cadets are highly encouraged to speak with their school guidance counselor to ensure participation in the cadet co-op program is a right fit for them and their pathway

  • There is no cost to cadets, parents, school boards, or RCSCC Vanguard.

  • Although the program has "UCDSB" logos on the forms, the program is open to all cadets in Ontario regardless of which school board they are a student with, as long as they are a resident of Ontario, and have a minimum of 1 high school credit already obtained, or will obtain a minimum of 1 credit by June 2024. UCDSB simply runs the program for the ministry.


Application Form:

Cadets are also encouraged to discuss with the TrgO what they would like to take on as their project for credit.

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