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VANGEN 24-10 - Summer Training Courses

Summer Courses are now available for application. Here are the listing of courses and the prerequisites that are held in-person:

Some general notes:

  • Not all courses are available to all Cadets. Some courses are Army or Air Cadet specific and therefore will not be offered to members of RCSCC Vanguard.

  • Some locations are not available for all courses. The Training Centres have a limited number of billets, and those billets are assigned by area. A course at one centre might be limited to those in the Pacific and North-West region, and might not be offered to those here in Central Region. By extension, if courses are offered in multiple regions, we will have 'more spots' available within our own region. If applying for a course located other than Blackdown CTC, Connaught CTC or HMCS Ontario CTC, then do consider using your 2nd or 3rd choice to select the same course in this region if also offered.

  • For prerequisites, if it mentions "Training Year" that is a common term for the 3 elements for their training 'levels.' So "Training Year 2+" is understood to mean "Phase II+" for us at RCSCC Vanguard.

  • If you have questions about the different opportunities, please see your Divisional Staff. For questions about your Phase and status of your pre-requisites, contact

The deadline to apply is 27 Mar 2024. Here is the link to the sign-up form:

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