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VANGEN 24-28 Awards Presented for 2023-2024 Training Year

Cancelled VANGENs:

  • 24-25 Sailpast at Boulevard Club - Updated

  • 24-26 Annual Ceremonial Review

  • 24-27 Awards Dinner

During our Awards Dinner, there was an oversight resulting in 2 persons being selected for awards and not being presented their award from the Navy League in front of the Ship's Company. For that, we offer our apologies:

  • Seamanship Award: Awarded to the Cadet that has demonstrated significant strength in Seamanship in a Team, at a Training Weekend, through the training year or for excellent single performance of duties. Presented to OC Maynard.

  • George Wong Memorial Award: This award is presented to the Officer of RCSCC Vanguard that displays the strongest leadership during the training year. Presented to Lt(N) Hunter, CD.

The following awards from the Navy League were presented at the Awards Dinner:

  • Commanding Officer's Award - An award that identifies a particular Cadet for reason other than those identified under other awards, yet is still worthy for special recognition. Presented to: MC A. Lin.

  • Best Bandsman - Awarded to the top band team member. Presented to MC Liao.

  • Alderman Allan A. Lamport Challenge Cup - Awarded to the top shot during competition or for participation in marksmanship activities. Presented to AC K. Liu.

  • Top Phase I - Awarded to the best Cadet within their phase. Presented to AC Berney.

  • Top Phase II - Presented to LC Chia.

  • Top Phase III - Presented to MC Bünte.

During the Annual Ceremonial Review, the following award was made by the Toronto Sea Cadet Alumni Association:

  • Lt(N) Gord Shires Memorial Award - Presented to a cadet who continually displays a strong committment to the corps, demonstrates dependability in carrying out assigned duties, and installs camaraderie amongst fellow cadets. This cadet sets the example by pursuing personal goals with balance, passion and determination. Present to LC Kuzminykh.

During the Annual Ceremonial Review, the Navy League presented 2 awards that were also joined with a Monetary Award from the Royal Commonwealth Society, which was made due to the significant contributions the Cadets have made to ensure the success of RCS events in the past:

  • LCdr Bill Hedley Memorial Award - Named in memory of William Hedley, former Commanding Officer of Vanguard, who dedicated his entire life to the serice of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Program. The award goes to a jonior cadet who demonstrates good character, sound judgement, strong commitment, and dedication to Vanguard. Present to MC Raddatz.

  • Barb Peace Memorial Award - Ms Peace was a member of the Vanguard Branch and was very dedicated to the cadet program. The Barb Peace Award is given to the most dedicated senior cadet, who displays the highest level of drill, dress, and deportment at the corps. Present to PO1 Nissim-Stem.

During the Annual Ceremonial Review, the Royal Canadian Legion presented the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) Cadet Medal of Excellence, which is awarded in recognition for individual endeavours in citizenship that meet or enhance the aims and objectives of the cadet movement. Presented to CPO2 Zhou.

During the Annual Ceremonial Review, The Lord Strathcona Medal is one of the highest awards that can be granted to a cadet/JCR. It demonstrates all that Lord Strathcona himself personified: hard work, dedication, service to Canada, excellence in all pursuits, vision, perseverance and intelligence and a focus on stewardship of our country; its health and vibrancy and that of its youth. Presented to PO1 Nissim Stem.

Further information about the founder of the Lord Strothcona Medal, Donald Alexander Smith, 1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal:

This very accomplished businessman, politician and philanthropist was born in Scotland in 1820. Throughout his long life, he left quite a legacy in Canada. Here are a few facts about Lord Strathcona:

  • As a businessman, he began his apprenticeship at age 18, in the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) working in the fur trade in Labrador. He went on to become the principal shareholder, and Governor of the HBC in 1889, positions he held until his death. In addition, he became the president of the Bank of Montreal in 1887.

  • As a politician, he entered politics in Winnipeg in 1870-71 (at age 50) and became a member of parliament representing Winnipeg for nearly ten years. After a break of several years, he returned to Parliament in 1887 where he remained until 1896, when he was appointed High Commissioner for Canada in London, England.

  • As a philanthropist: Although well known for driving the last spike in the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railroad at Craigellachie, British Columbia in 1885; he also promoted the construction of the railway and his financial support was vital to the success of the enterprise.

  • In 1900 Lord Strathcona personally financed and raised a Cavalry Regiment of Canadian cowboys for the Boer War. That Regiment, with the title Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) exists to this day as an Armoured Regiment within the Canadian Army.

  • In 1909-1910, Lord Strathcona established the Strathcona Trust with a $500,000 donation. His wish was to improve the physical and intellectual capabilities of youth in Canada, by encouraging habits of self-discipline, good citizenship and patriotism. In 1923, a medal was struck and awarded to the most deserving cadet in each cadet corps.

Donald Alexander Smith was recognized for his many contributions to Canada by being knighted by Queen Victoria in 1886.​

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