• Lt(N) John Hunter, CD

Weekly Routine Orders 20-037

  1. Routine Orders are early this week due to the long weekend. Everyone have an enjoyable and safe weekend.

  2. Several steps are required before in-house training can take place. The first step is completion of a COVID-19 Awareness Course. All League members, Civilian Volunteers and Cadets to complete the COVID-19 Awareness Course at the following link and e-mail when completed:

  3. CAF members, please complete the above training through DLN and e-mail the CO for tracking purposes.

  4. If any CAF member, CI, volunteer or Cadet gets tested for COVID-19 they must e-mail to inform the Ship's Office.

  5. If any Cadets are performing volunteer activity, we have a method of logging the information now that does not require physically presenting information at the ship's office. Please use the following link:

  6. The following appointments have been made:

  7. Boatswain - PO1 Lozano

  8. CPO Ark Royal - PO1 Jing

  9. CPO Haida - PO1 Zhou

  10. Gunnery Instructor - PO1 Leung

  11. DPO Courageous Division - PO2 Parrenas

  12. DPO Victorious - MS Lozano

  13. Please welcome the following new entries to RCSCC Vanguard. They have been assigned to Victorious Division in Haida Company:

  14. OS Bedard

  15. OS Holm

  16. A reminder that the Canadian Memorial Trust Essay competition has a deadline of 30 September. The information the competition is located here:

  17. The Toronto Warrior's Day parade has been cancelled this year do to Covid-19. A virtual tribute has been set up and can be watched at the following link:

  18. A current list of those permitted to attend in-house training in October is maintained at the following link. So far, only item 1 from this WRO can be worked on at the present time to return to HMCS York (Covid-19 training):

  19. A reminder that the deadline for submitting designs for our Cadet Radio Station (CADRADSTA) is due to by 15 Sep 2020.

  20. We are starting to process new entry applications. If you know of potential applicants, have them e-mail to receive an application form. The Lieutenant Colonel that will be finalizing the badge is back in Canada and is looking forward to seeing the submissions.

John K. Hunter, CD


CO RCSCC Vanguard


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