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Captain's Standing Orders


  1. CATO 31-01

  2. CATO 12-05

  3. A-CR-CCO-100/AG-001 - CJCR Dress Instructions

  4. HMCS York CSO 01 Jul 2018

  5. 1085-10-4378 (CO) - Training Facility Incident Management Plan

  6. 1085-10-4378 (CO) 4 Jun 23 – Appointment of Unit Security Supervisor at RCSCC Vanguard

  7. 1085-10-4378 (CO) 4 Jun 23– Access to Weapons

  8. 1085-10-4378 (CO) 19 Sep 21 – Logins and Passcodes to Virtual Assets


  1. As specified in Reference 1, “Commanding Officers shall issue their own orders to cover those areas where CSSOs are informative.” In addition, the Corps' Standardized Standing Orders (CSSO) were issued in 1994, and there are multiple areas where the orders are incorrect with regards to the modern training program and rank structures, contained legacy errors that have not been corrected, and was extremely restrictive in timings that should be otherwise flexible according to the training requirements of the unit. As such, this Captain’s Standing Orders (CSO) are to be the primary source document for the operation of RCSCC Vanguard.

  2. The good appearance of HMCS York is the concern of everyone in RCSCC Vanguard, and all share the responsibly for this.

  3. Every person is constantly required to bring credit to the ship by their individual bearing, dress and general conduct, on board and ashore.

  4. The courtesy of making a gangway, and standing to one side to attention when an Officer passes, is to be shown by every Cadet. If an Officer passing through Cadets during standeasy, meal hours or carries their cap under their arm, it will indicate that no attention, other than clearing a gangway, is required.

  5. All orders, including those passed by Bugle and Pipe, are to be obeyed at the run. Officers, Civilian Staff, Chiefs and Petty Officers may march at Quick Time.


  1. RCSCC Vanguard is named after HMS Vanguard, a battleship which was in commission from 1945 to 1960.

  2. The Battle Honours attributed to the name Vanguard include the following:

    1. Armada

    2. Cadiz

    3. Portland

    4. Gabbard

    5. Scheveningen

    6. Lowestoft

    7. Four Days Battle

    8. Orfordness

    9. Barfleur

    10. Louisburg

    11. Quebec

    12. Martinique

    13. Nile

    14. Syria

    15. Jutland

  3. The livery colours are Blue and Gold.

  4. The motto is “We Lead.”

  5. The administration number is 18, and may be used as a pennant number by tenders operated by the Corps. The administration number is not normally to be used as part of the unit name in regular documentation or parlance.

  6. The UIC for RCSCC Vanguard is 4378, and shall be used where required identifying the department of CIC Officers within RCSU(C).

  7. The Corps website is

  8. The following is the mailing address:
    RCSCC Vanguard
    C/O HMCS York
    695 Lake Shore Blvd. W.
    Toronto, ON M5V 1A7

  9. The following are commonly used extensions used at 416-635-4400, the number for HMCS York:

    1. 6315 – Ships Office

    2. 6341 – Captain’s Cabin

    3. 6320 – Regulating Office/Brow

  10. The Corps e-mail address is

  11. As per Reference 8, a list of virtual asset logins/passwords and access lists offered by non-CAF or non-NLofC providers.

  12. As per Reference 2, the authorized flag for RCSCC Vanguard is the RCSC Ensign.

  13. If a “Cock of the Walk” competition is held, divisions will use signal flags with primary colours of Blue/Black and Gold, matching the livery colours, until those options are exhausted. Those are: D, G, I, K, L, Q, 1st Sub, Pennant 5, 5, 8 and NEGAT.

  14. If formed into multiple companies, the names are to recognize former RCSCC Corps that amalgamated to form RCSCC Vanguard; RCSCC Ark Royal, RCSCC Haida and RCSCC Temeraire. If required, further names may be approved by the Commanding Officer.

  15. Division Names are to be chosen from the following:

    1. A Guard – Courageous

    2. Military Band – Glorious

    3. C&POs not otherwise assigned – Nelson

    4. B Guard or a separate Junior Band - Furious

    5. Divisions of New Entries may be named after submarines Vengeance, Vigilant, Victorious, or ironclads Audacious, Invincible and Iron Duke which have served as sister-ships to previous ships named HMS Vanguard.

    6. Other Divisions, as required, may be named after any Dreadnought Battleships of the Royal Navy.


  1. The standard routine for training session Tuesday evenings shall be:

    1. 18:30 – Leave Cancelled – All hands report on-board.

    2. 18:45 – Hands muster for divisions.

    3. 19:00 – Divisions/Colours.

    4. 19:05 – 1 st Period.

    5. 19:35 – Secure 1st Period.

    6. 19:40 – 2 nd Period.

    7. 20:10 – Secure 2nd Period. Stand Easy.

    8. 20:25 – Outpipes. 3rd Period.

    9. 20:55 – Secure 3rd Period. Hands muster for evening quarters.

    10. 21:10 – Evening Quarters/Sunset.

    11. 21:15 – Liberty Boat and Duty Watch.

    12. 21:30 – Secure HMCS York.

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